G-Analog Design Automation offers tools to address circuit layout, analysis and characterization needs for nanometer custom digital, memory, and analog circuits. We also offer design services to help customers develop design methodology and resolve design issues.

GMIG(G-Analog migration tool) is a hierarchical layout prototype and migration tool. GMIG provides fast prototyping capability to verify different migration scenarios to reach better design performance and quality under tight project schedule.

GTB (G-Analog Tool Box) is a new class of custom circuit design tool with a collection of over 80 tools and each tool addresses different aspect of the custom circuit design process. The main focus is on ease of use, improving designer efficiency and improving product quality.

Gchar provides the world’s fastest characterization flow for nanometer-scale circuits. Gchar is the industry’s first GPU based characterization tool to delivers up to 50x faster speeds for cell characterization, Monte Carlo analysis, and OCV table generation.

G-Analog Design Automation continue to develop next generation custom circuit design tools to improve designer productivity and product quality.

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