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G-Analog to Release GMIG, the World’s Fastest Layout Migration and Prototyping Tool, Exhibit at Design Automation Conference San Francisco

SAN JOSE, Calif. –– May 29, 2014 – G-Analog Design Automation, a new EDA startup, is releasing its new layout migration software, G-Migration (GMIG), for custom integrated circuits.

With pressing product schedules, design migration is a must for today’s design team to move design to a new process. It can take months to redraw the circuit layout from scratch. Existing layout migration tools use layout compaction algorithms that require a complicated technology file. They have limited capacity and are hard to use. G-Analog has developed new layout migration software, G-Migration (GMIG), for fast layout migration and prototyping. With innovative proprietary technology, the GMIG product is both fast and easy to use.

Features and Benefits of GMIG Layout Migration

  • Easy to use, doesn’t require a complicated technology file
  • Migrates block or macro layouts in minutes to hours
  • Provides fast prototyping for different migration scenarios
  • Maintains original connectivity and layout design intent
  • Applicable to standard cell, memory, analog, and I/O layout
  • Supports GDS format

Circuit layout is a big part of custom circuit design, it takes months to complete an optimized macro layout.” said Jeff Tuan, G-Analog President & CEO. “The GMIG product is the world’s fastest layout migration and prototyping tool. GMIG is intuitive and easy to use; it doesn’t require a complicated technology file, which can take weeks to generate. Block and macro layouts can be migrated in minutes to hours. The migrated layout maintains the original layout design intent and connectivity. Designer can run LVS/Extraction to perform post-layout simulation and optimization within hours. This will fundamentally change the way designs are migrated, and it can significantly improve designer productivity.”

G-Analog will be exhibiting this new layout migration software at the Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2014 in San Francisco from June 2-4, at Booth #200C. To make an appointment for a presentation on GMIG, the world’s fastest layout migration and protyping tool, or GChar, the next-generation of simulation and characterization software, please visit or write to

G-Analog are experts in the area of custom circuit design, with over 20 years of experience at leading companies including GlobalFoundries, Chartered, Nassda, Synopsys, and EPIC serving as the basis for a next-generation solution for circuit layout, analysis and characterization.

Our unique experiences combining EDA tool development and circuit design gives us the expertise to develop breakthrough technology to address real industry problems. Designers are struggling with the current custom circuit design tools to resolve present and future problems. We are committed to creating the breakthrough tools that designers need,” said Tuan.

About G-Analog

Headquartered in HsinChu, Taiwan, G-Analog provides innovative next-generation custom circuit design solutions to IC designers. The GChar characterization tool delivers breakthrough performance and the GMIG layout migration tool provides the best performance and ease of use. With over 20-years of experience in circuit simulation, and circuit design, the G-Analog team understands the needs of circuit designers. The company is privately funded. For the latest news and information on G-Analog, visit or write to